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"And I know, O Lord, that thou hast all power, and can do whatsoever thou wilt for the benefit of man; therefore touch these stones, O Lord, with thy finger, and prepare them that they may shine forth in darkness. . . that we may have light while we shall cross the sea."
~Ether 3:4~

Sep 25, 2011

September 25th

     So, this week has been pretty awesome.  i love all my classes and have had tons of amazing experiences so far. its been kinda quiet because theres a bug going around our building so alot of people have been sleeping away the afternoons, which left me going on lots of walks and reading (after homework of course!) lately ive been wandering down by west campus to visit some horses and on the way i walk by the creek and cut through the pioneer memorial park. theres this awesome old pioneer house there thats normally shut up, but this time there was an exhibit going on so i got to walk around inside. the woodwork was amazing! they put so much work into their homes back then!
        Last night was the general relief society broadcast and it was fabulous! as usual, my favorite speaker was pres. uchtdorf. he has such wonderful insight and stories that help me understand what he is teaching. this new talk was based around forget-me-nots and the five things (for the five petals) we should never forget: 1. be patient with yourself, we all have strengths and weaknesses. 2. there is a difference between good sacrifices and foolish ones, dont get caught up in the later. 3. be happy now, dont wait for your golden ticket. 4. the "why" of the gospel, think about why you do the things you do. 5. the lord loves me, i am not forgotten.
     For institute this semester im taking a book of mormon class, among others. a few days ago we were talking about the attributes of christ. my teacher brought up a comparison between these attributes and the facets of a gem. i cant remember the exact way he put it but i took it one step further and applied the gem to our lives. in the beginning of life we are a gemstone in the rough, precious in gods eyes even if we cant yet see it. as we go through the trials of life we receive many cuts, and if we allow these cuts to be polished through lessons into the facets of christ we are able to take in more light from the gospel which in turn makes us shine with a greater brilliance as we grow in experience and righteousness.
     well thats it for now, i cant wait to get all my projects and dance planning done so i can enjoy conference next week! i cant wait to hear what new revelations god has for me! i love you all and hope to see you soon!


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